How To Assess Dangerous Traits In A Child?

Unfortunately, in society, there are known cases of sexual abuse of children; how many children have been raped and live with those devastating emotions inside their hearts? Children are too scared, to tell the truth. Although it is impossible to protect children 100% since they cannot be put in a glass bubble, there are some measures that all parents should take into account.

Predator warning signs

Be wary of adults who pay too much attention to your children, such as repeatedly trying to get into personal situations (such as trying to spend a lot of time alone with them). Remember, too, that this behavior could be occurring on the Internet, not just in a face-to-face situation.

Look for changes in your child’s behavior, mood, attitude, and school performance. Abusers scare their victims by telling them that they (the victim) let it happen and that their parents would be angry, so it is better that they “don’t say it.” Worse, some abusers threaten to hurt family members if the child tells them …


If you have no evidence of abuse but are concerned about your child’s change in behavior or mood, it is better to go wrong in the right direction by removing your child from the coach, team, club, or situation.

It’s time to extend that vigilance into frank conversations about what behaviors of the adults they interact with are appropriate and what behaviors are not. Tell your children to turn to you when they are confused or worried about any adult’s interactions with them… Since there are adults who pretend to be people when, in reality, they are horrible monsters.…

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